luni, 5 mai 2008


8am rise and shine
Sun is sparkling, cars align
Diamond black and baby blue
Sea of people, lovely view.

12am traffic's dense
Without pizza now, life makes no sense
Shops are crowded, parks are full
Of kids who aren't fond of school

6pm the sun goes down
Time to throw on the party gown
Social life, busy night
Wild Bucharest just comes to light

Rockers, punks and emo kids
Doing things the law forbids
Pogo, beer and crazy hair
Makes you want to say a prayer

Rappers chilling on the west side
That’s when pride and rhymes collide
Stories of a big grey city
Seen in black and white, how witty!

China products, noise of Japan
Paris lights, lawless like Amsterdam
Rich like Swiss, poor like Cambodia
Where’s our Angelina?

Even if you’re up a Himalayan mountain
By a country-side lake or near a Spanish fountain
Under a British tree or just swimming in the sea
You will still miss the life of B’city

With gorgeous parks of fresh green grass
A splendid place to unwind after class
Where glorious writers used to stand
And famous artists painted the land

Black, white, low, tall, light, great variety delight
Fancy shops and shiny cars, Bucharest is cooler than Mars.

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